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Single mother Miyabi relies on her child idol daughter Kasumi as their only source of income and ticket to future financial stability. When Kasumi is replaced in the group by a more popular girl, Miyabi must ensure she gets her daughter back in the lineup.

Japanese with English subtitles.

Cast: Ryoka Neya, Miyu Sasak,i Sawa Takahashi, Akira Takanohashi, Yui Matsuura, Yuki Mayama, airi, Aoi Obata, Miyu Sakuraba, Aira Fukuda, Miho Oshita, Aimi Serizawa.

Director Biography

Ryushi Lindsay, a COTB alum, is an Anglo-Japanese filmmaker based in Tokyo.

Director Statement

I was drawn to this story by two main sources - one an AFP article about Tokyo child idol clubs where middle-aged men fan over performing girls as young as six, and the second stories I read about families who go into extreme debt to fund their children's performing careers, putting all their eggs into the one basket of their children becoming stars.

I do not see Miyabi as an evil character. She is just a mother put in a desperate situation by an uncaring society without a safety net. With this film I wish to tell a story about an ordinary person whose socio-economic situation forces them to make some bad choices.

The film was shot on location in the Tokyo suburbs over three days, with a crew consisting of Japanese and Japan-based international staff.

Ryushi Lindsay
Ryushi Lindsay
Aya Watanabe
21 Minutes
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