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Todd, a mailer daemon for one of the world's leading email providers, longs for a simple thanks for his services. His decision to communicate with the human world takes him on a path of enlightenment, at the risk of severe consequences.

Director Biography

John Mudge is an independent filmmaker born and raised in Belle Chasse, Louisiana, just 10 miles from the heart of New Orleans.

After graduating from Louisiana State University, where he took multiple film and theatre courses, John migrated back to his home town, and immersed himself in the burgeoning film scene. Starting out as a Production Assistant for shows like NCIS: New Orleans, John soon transitioned into a Grip, and continues to receive steady work in the industry.

When John is not working on film and network television productions, he spends his time improving his skills as a screenwriter and filmmaker, with the goal to one day take the director's seat on a big production of his own.
John Mudge
John Mudge
John Mudge
20 Minutes
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