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Yoko, whose real name is Kanako, lives and works in a family owned factory in a small town. She works with the owner’s son Seiji who has a crush on her. She is content with the ordinary but peaceful life. She is on the run from her extremely abusive husband Naoto who always locates her wherever she goes, and one day, Naoto shows up and insists that they get back together again. After Kanako refuses him, unsettling incidents start to occur around her. Kanako assumes it is all Naoto’s doing, and she decides to give up her happy life she finally got to protect Seiji. It is a suspense story of a woman who struggles against her cruel fate.

Japanese with English subtitles.

Director Biography

Hiroki Inoue studied under Teruo Ishi who directed the series "Mouso Bangaichi." In 2009, he directed "Panic 4 ROOMs." In 2010, he directed "Acorn brothers' a pickled plum" and other short films that were nominated by movie festivals around the world. "Hypnotism class at evening" was nominated for the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2016 in the Japan Competition. In 2018, "Black and Blue" was nominated for the Japan category of Short Short Film Festival & Asia. It was nominated and invited for screenings at film festivals such as the Cannes Film Festival "SHORT FILMS FROM JAPAN". In 2019, he released “Majonikogarete” from CINEMA FIGHTERS project and “40manbunno1” and in 2020, he directed and wrote “Shinsotsu-Pomodoro”.
Hiroki Inoue
Hiroki Inoue
Yuya Natsui, Makoto Yamaguchi
17 Minutes
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