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After her sitcom was canceled, Kimmie, an uptight failing TV screenwriter, returns home from L.A to her mother’s home looking for comfort and understanding. Sandra, her mother is a bohemian performance artist who wants to reconnect with her daughter. But Kimmie wants to write a script about her grandmother's immigration stories and Sandra shuts her down because this part of her past is too painful.

Cast: Caroline Donica, Janet Song.

Directors Biography

Phạm Gia Quý also known as Erik Phạm is a young filmmaker born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam. He is an alumnus at Savannah College of Art and Design, majored in Film and Television Production with a passion for directing as well as unit still photography. He came back to Vietnam after his first year in the U.S to make "Bartender", a narrative music video that he has written, produced, and directed for the Indie band "Ngọt" that some held as the most unique Music Video in the market, till date. His dream is to transform the status of Vietnamese Cinema, ascending it to new levels with stories that are uniquely his but also represent his people and culture.
Quy Gia Pham
Quy Gia Pham, Caroline Donica
Liz Kraushaar
15 Minutes
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