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Deaf people from Quebec City meet Acadian poet Mo Bolduc and, using the Quebec sign language, interpret some poems she wrote during a residency at the Maison de la littérature in early March 2020. The film is the result of this encounter between read texts and their appropriation by Karl Normand, Élisabeth Rhéaume, Maritza Côté and Josée Villeneuve, with powerful visual, incorporated and poetic echoes.

Director Biography

Emilie Peltier, a COTB alum, is from Lyon (France). After having lived in several countries, she arrived in New Brunswick in 2012. Emilie works in associations and culture, while living according to her usual leitmotiv: observe the life that surrounds her and explore the senses and the arts. She has participated in the Media Arts section of the Festival international du cinéma francophone en Acadie (FICFA) on several occasions. In 2019, screenwriter Mélanie Léger and she co-directed their first short film: 54 North, which screened at COTB. Matin Ecchymose, created during the summer of 2020, is a more experimental project combining poetry and Deaf culture.
Emilie Peltier
Emilie Peltier
Claudine Thériault
7 Minutes
New Brunswick, Canada
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