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There is a meeting with Bernard Bosa, who's been offering vibratory concerts in Quebec for more than 10 years. Bernard tells us what led him to make and introduce didgeridoos in his vibratory practice. But what exactly is vibration? What is it used for?

Director's Statement:

This film This is the second short film I have directed about spiritual, emotional or energetic “healing” through vibration. The first one was shot in the Peruvian Amazon jungle with two women from the Shipibo nation and their sacred chants. With this film I chose to make a portrait of Bernard Bosa, a man like any other, who doesn't belong to a native community and who doesn't pretend to be a healer, a shaman, not even a musician. However, he has devoted the last ten years of his life to offer vibration to others. He's simply a man that presents with humility his view on vibration and how he uses it in his practice, particularly with the didgeridoo. With this short film I hope to continue to demystify vibratory practices, that have nothing magical or occult to them, and that have been used by humans for centuries to “heal” emotional wounds.
Felippe Martin
Felippe Martin
Felippe Martin
9 Minutes
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