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The Elephant in the Room. Amantea, present day. When Rita finds out that she has very little time left to live, her main concern is not about dying. Instead, she is overcome with worry about her son Gianni, who has a heart of gold but is socially awkward and still lives at home. Rita enlists the help of Daniela, a newcomer to town who, recently divorced, has sworn off men altogether. Daniela agrees to become a dating coach for Gianni, and that's when things get complicated.

Director's Biography:

As the child of immigrants who settled in the United States, Kartik Singh learned from an early age to observe in fine detail the comedy of cultural misunderstandings that can lead to funny, awkward, and entertaining moments of human interaction. He tells stories of underdogs and unlikely heroes, tales of families and friends facing and overcoming challenges in a variety of settings, from Europe (he’s based in Paris) to India, where he traces back his roots. For him, the best kind of film is one in which a viewer laughs out loud at points and can also be moved to tears. When not making films, he enjoys traveling, learning languages, and practicing yoga.
Kartik Singh
Kartik Singh
81 Minutes
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