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Whether amateurs or elite athletes, cheerladers are always hypersexualized in pop culture. Playing with imaginary of these sport’s symbol and their iconic pompom, "Cheer" sheds light on feminine clichés, taboo and paradoxes and brings us within a oniric universe where sisterhood acts as a source of empowerment.

Director's Biography:

Claire is a multidisciplinary artist living in Montreal. Graduated in Set design in 2014, she founded a collective (Grande Surface) and a theatre company (Les précieuses fissures), where she acts as well as set designer, producer, author and director. Her artistic approach mixes theatre, dance, cinema, advertising and pop culture languages to address social and philosophical issues.

Cheer is her first film, created with a 100% feminine team from theatre, dance and cinema.
Claire Renaud
Claire Renaud
Claire Renaud
9 Minutes
Quebec, Canada
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