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Through the gestures and movements of bodies, a landscape is constructed, makeshift and evolving. It signals a world that is chequered with organizing and dividing infrastructures – borders, pipelines, surveillance networks – but that is also streaked with movement that can’t be captured: fugitive migration, occupation, exhaustion, accidents, escapes, rest. This is the movement of people, things and unruly materials, which leave traces behind and invite other leaps.

Directors' Biography:

Edith Brunette is an artist, author and researcher interested in different modes of political engagement, particularly in the field of art, and the discourses that forge and dismantle power. Her projects have addressed subjects such as our relationship to territory (To Go to, Making Do, Moving Anyway 2020-21 with F. Lemieux), the entrepreneurial ethos (Esquisse pour une comédie musicale entrepreneuriale, 2019), artists’ political agency (Faut-il se couper la langue?, 2013; Cuts Make the Country Better, 2015 with F. Lemieux) and speaking out in a democracy (Consensus, 2013). Her videos, performances and installations have been shown in various arts centres and galleries in Canada and she has carried out several research residencies in Quebec and France. A cofounder of the activist organization Journée sans culture, Brunette has coedited various publications about art and politics (To Go to, Making Do, Moving Anyway 2021; To Spoil the Party, to Set Our Joy Ablaze! 2016; Le Merle, 2017 et 2015), and regularly contributes to journals and books on art.

François Lemieux’s artistic activities combine practice, research, and publishing and take the form of installations, documents and situations intended to encourage a collective reflection on notions of value and the everyday. In Canada, his artworks, films and workshops have been presented at Vox, articule, Concordia University’s Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery, the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal and the Banff Centre.
François Lemieux, Edith Brunette
17 Minutes
Quebec, Canada
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