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Garden of Eden, jardin à la française, English, Zen, Bahai, Arab-Islamic: Gardens reflect history, culture and heritage. They are some of the rare places where intimacy, gatherings, fun and religion coexist. Jardins Paradise ironically diverts the image of the garden as the embodiment of some paradisiacal Eden. It highlights the civic inventiveness of communities stigmatized by a lack of greenery in their neighborhood as well as the contribution of ethnocultural diversity to the urban landscape.

Director's Biography:

Yza Nouiga is a French Moroccan emerging director, and digital film distributor based in Montreal. Born and raised in Morocco, she's been living in Canada for the last 10 years. Her work revolves around the themes of identities, dual nationality, and homecoming. She is currently working on a narrative short film, L’Oasis.
Yza Nouiga
Yza Nouiga
Yza Nouiga
6 Minutes
Quebec, Canada
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