In front of her screen, she absorbs the unbearable images, the cries, the pleas, the insults emitted by a delirious world. This, so that others can navigate safe from the worst atrocities of which humanity is capable. And surreptitiously, this nightmare invades her physical intimacy, her mental space.

Director's Biography:

Director, script-writer and producer Diane Poitras was born in Montreal in 1951. She obtained a Communications degree from the Université du Québec à Montréal. Poitras is among the first group of feminist directors to have laid the groundwork for future women directors to enter the profession. A member of several production co-operatives such as Vidéographe, GIV, Coop vidéo, and V/Tape (Toronto), she helped found the group Production de l'Impatiente. From 1980 onwards, she directed videos and short films in fictional, documentary and experimental style to explore themes of female sexuality, work, community life, and aging, as in Pense à ton désir (1984) and Comptines (1986), premiered outside of Quebec. In the 1990s, she focused her attention on art documentaries (L'alchimiste et l'enlumineur, 1997), a film on dance (La voisine, 1996), and a feature-length fiction work (Un léger vertige, 1990). In 1997, she joined the NFB as a producer with the documentary studio Acadie.
Diane Poitras
Diane Poitras
5 Minutes
Quebec, Canada
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