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In summer 1856, the state of Arkansas and lynch mob executed three enslaved individuals: Anthony, Aaron, and Randall. They were accused of killing a white slave owner. Just one side of their story has been told by the white family over successive generations. An oral account of the events preserved in the Black community helps bring out the truth and honor their memories.

Director's Biography:

Obed Lamy is a Haitian award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker whose works have featured Voice of America, Radio-Canada Information, La Presse.ca. A Fulbright Scholar, he completed a Master's degree in Journalism from the University of Arkansas in 2021. He is the co-founder and content editor of a multimedia platform named EnfoSitwayen, dedicated to civic education in Haiti. The Fayetteville Film Fest granted him the Micheaux Award for the 2020 Winter Cycle to create a short documentary about Haitian immigrants. His first documentary, A Promising Voice, has been selected in ten film festivals and received several awards, including Arkansas Student Short Winner at Filmland 2020.
Obed Lamy
Colleen Thurston, Sarah Moore, Niketa Reed
24 Minutes
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