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She is a compulsive kleptomaniac with no attachments and a fistful of problems. He is a night-shift worker chained to a warehouse and his lover a plastic mannequin rescued from a garbage container.

One night, their lives and their problems collide.

Director's Biography:

Originally from Madrid, Pedro Tamames is a New York based filmmaker and actor. After starting a bachelor in fine arts at RISD, he transferred to NYU, where he is a Film & TV undergrad.

Pedro’s films have been showcased several times in Spain and the US. His most recent works include Bajar (2017), winner of the Madrid Young Talent

Director's Statement:

Under the guise of light, comedic, and extravagant language, Can’t Help but Run is a portrait of how two opposite beings can experience a brief sense of bonding that can drastically alter their lives, a reflection on the consequences our actions have —upon us and upon others— and a contemplation of how freedom and responsibility are often confused with carelessness and enchainment.
Pedro Tamames
Pedro Tamames
Pedro Tamames
11 Minutes
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