The Blue Marble is a fictional story based on the reality of child soldiers. A young girl and the other students of her village school are brutally kidnapped by rebels and sent to training camps where they are trained to become ruthless killing machines as child soldiers. A story of oppression and hope.

La Bille bleue est une histoire fictive basée sur des faits de la réalité au sujet des enfants soldats. Une jeune fille et les élèves de l’école de son village sont arrachés de leur classe par les insurgés et forcés à devenir des enfants soldats impitoyables. Une histoire d’oppression et d’espoir.

No Dialogue.

This film will screen as part of the Animation Shorts Film Program at 12:15 pm on Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015, at Acadiana Center for the Arts.

Admission is $6 at the door or a Day Pass ($20) for Jan. 24th or a Festival Pass ($40), which can be purchased at the door or through Eventbrite via the Festival web site.

Co Hoedeman
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