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White Cliffs is an obscure portrait of a remote, outback Opal-mining town, painted through the experiences, beliefs and hopes of a cross section of the community. What was once the most bountiful land of Opal in the world is now home to ghosts of the frontier. Men and women toil in unbearable summers on the mine-ridded fields, digging for the precious stone and forsaking all else: family, intimacy and financial security.

This film explores the lives of nine individuals who have made White Cliffs their home. Some live there permanently by choice, some pop in for a mid year adventure, some are running from their past and some have accepted their complacent fate. Many hold tight the comforts of a tiny town: a wave, lunch at the sports club, a beer at the pub. But underneath this harmonious image is a place racked with divisions, absurdity and mysticism, as White Cliffs time allows for morbid acceptance and mundane fervour.
Georgina Savage
Georgina Savage
Georgina Savage
57 Minutes
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1/24/16 10:15am at Acadiana Center for the Arts (AcA)
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