Farewell Old Stringy is the story of three men and their struggle to maintain their crumbling relationships.

Colin and Bradach are childhood friends who have grown to lead drastically different lives. Their weakening friendship undergoes more pressure when they encounter Davey, an old homeless man, whose imaginary friend, Stringy, has decided to commit suicide.

Together, they throw a goodbye party for Stringy. Colin and Bradach, however, do not understand the reason or significance of Stringy’s departure, a tragedy that will shake all three men apart and force them to acknowledge their isolation in the world.

Screens as part of the NARRATIVE SHORTS AT THE MAIN LIBRARY SERIES 2 on Sunday, January 24, 2016, at 3:00 pm at Lafayette Public Library Main Branch.
Alex Rafala
Alex Rafala
Lauren Lokow
23 Minutes
12/5/23 11:33am at
1/24/16 3:00pm at Lafayette Parish Library Main Branch - Downtown
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