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Tetsuji has been homeless since he left his family 15 years ago. At his usual coin-locker spot, he gets ready to go to his job collecting rental cars. His daughter Hana suddenly shows up, and tries to attack him with a 'lariat' wrestling technique. Hana is a pro wrestler, and her manager boyfriend Kujira is with her. Hana's purpose in meeting Tetsuji is to attack him; Kujira wants to ask permission to marry Tetsuji's daughter. Tetsuji tries to escape, saying he's somebody else and he has lost his memory, but Hana and Kujira don't release him. They get in the rental car which Tetsuji has to return, and the three go for a drive. At the end of the trip, the reason why Tetsuji left home is revealed.

Japanese with English subtitles.
Takahiro Horie
30 Minutes
2/1/17 2:30pm at Cité des Arts
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