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PATH OF DREAMS re-imagines the legend of Japanese poetess Ono no Komachi, who challenges the pompous Shosho to write poetry with her for 99 nights. Vowing to take him as her lover on the 99th night, our mystical beauty reveals the passion behind Komachi’s most seductive and heartbreaking poetry.

Japanese with English subtitles.

Director's Statement:

PATH OF DREAMS is the first step in my mission to share the stories of Velina Hasu Houston with the world. Dr. Houston is one of the great American playwrights of our time, and I passionately believe in the importance of using film to magnify her very important voice.

The legend of Ono no Komachi is one of beauty, feminine strength, social defiance, passion and love. Even though the story takes place in ancient Japan, the themes and emotions are relevant today, both in the United States and in Japan. Komachi’s inner fire, controversial passion and lack of conformity to the structural rules of ancient society demonstrate the strength and will inherent in women of all cultures and societies, both ancient and modern.

Ko Mori is a Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival filmmaker alum.

Tamara Ruppart
Velina Hasu Houston
Ko Mori
24 Minutes
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