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In a rich and diverse city where no two characters look alike, Marvin still manages to stand out. With the unique but uncontrollable ability to take on physical characteristics of everybody he meets, Marvin quickly finds himself in a constant state of flux and with an ever-growing desire to fit in.

Director's Statement:

"Marvin" was an experiment from beginning to end. Nothing about this film was quite like anything I have done before. Sure, I had played with similar techniques of animating and combining animation in the past, but nothing quite to this scale. It started overly ambitious (as most animated films do) and had to be scaled back; for instance, I started by animating my characters frame by frame and then cutting them out by hand, using stop-motion animation as my method of compositing. As you can imagine, I quickly discarded this idea and embraced the magic of technology to make the process faster and easier. But even with all of the experimentation, testing, and extensive planning, I never completely knew if my vision would be realized in the way I had hoped. Spoiler alert: it did.

Heather Rodgers
Edinburgh College of Art
6 Minutes
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