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An angel came down to Earth to rescue a condemned soul from the corrupt and unrelenting society, only to find her mission paradoxically impossible.

Director's Statement:

Led by first-time filmmaker Hanlin Bian, the making of this 18-minute Anime-style short film was considered improbable by many industry professionals. The director's team is mostly made of young people with little relevant experience but strong skills and faith.

The film consists of over 3000 frames of hand-drawn animation and over 120 background paintings, most of which were outsourced to animation manufacturers across China to ensure quality and consistency. The director's team also had in-depth participation during the prodution process. The project relied heavily on international collaboration of young professionals from China, the US, the Netherlands and Japan.

Different from many other young filmmakers, Hanlin Bian aims at leveraging commercial resources and mobilizing the industry chain to achieve higher quality and productivity, while ensuring the authenticity of the story and artwork with his core team. The completion of this film made it a successful experiment and learning process for everyone on board.

Hanlin Bian
18 Minutes
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