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A reflection on our relationship to the sea and its exploration, based on the 2015 scientific mission studying the Old Harry prospect, in the Gulf of St-Lawrence. Science, philosophy and politics are combined in this unusual journey shaped as a documentary essay.

English and French with English subtitles.

This film is part of Festival Les Percéides Program ACTION LOUISIANE GASPÉSIE! 2019.


Les percéides Film Festival Percé
August 24, 2018
Gaspésie-Les-Iles Award for Best short film

Director's Biography:

Félix Lamarche, a Cinema on the Bayou alum and prior Festival attendee, is an independent filmmaker, based in Montreal, who explores the possibilities of the documentary praxis. His first feature documentary, Far Away Lands (2017), won the Pierre and Yolande Perrault award. His films have been shown in diverse locations in Canada, USA, Europe and Africa.
Félix Lamarche
Félix Lamarche
Félix Lamarche
21 Minutes
Montréal, Canada
1/24/19 5:00pm at Vermilionville
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