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Tim, putting the final touches on his 'Vol 7 - Songs for and about Em' CD mix (his annual anniversary gift to the love of his life), joyfully discovers a letter from Emma's gynaecologist. It can only mean the good news that she is pregnant - something they have been trying to do for a very long time. He playfully pushes her if she has something to tell him, a game which quickly descends into lies and accusations. He gets more and more paranoid as she gets more and more defensive. His fury drives her to break down and confess her betrayal. The couple is ripped apart and he storms out of their apartment. But he comes upon a mother and son and in their interaction, realises what Emma had really done. What appeared to be betrayal was, in fact, the highest love and greatest sacrifice.

Film completion date: March 2018
Maggie Kiley
Amanda Maple-Brown
Elizabeth Topen
16 Minutes
1/27/19 5:00pm at Cité des Arts
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