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Navigating the treacherous social tides of high school after the unexpected death of her father, Marine refuses to believe that he is dead and instead fantasizes that he is still alive. She is carelessly cut adrift by Océane, her older sister who’s caught in the thrall of an older man. Meanwhile, their mother struggles to keep her head above water and doesn’t see the danger that her children are in. Dérive is a deeply empathetic portrait of these women’s odyssey from frailty to resilience, inspired by the films of Krzysztof Kieslowski, Ang Lee and Kenneth Lonergan.

Un an après le décès de son père, Marine refuse férocement d’y croire. À son entrée au secondaire, la maladresse de la fillette complique les relations avec ses camarades. Sa grande soeur, l’androgyne Océane, délaisse Marine pour vivre sa première histoire d’amour avec un homme trop vieux pour elle. Submergée par les soucis financiers légués par son mari, leur mère Catherine semble déconnectée de la réalité de ses filles. Dérive dépeint avec empathie la traversée de la fragilité à la résilience de ces trois femmes déterminées à surmonter l’épreuve.

Director's Statement

Being married to Dérive’s screenwriter, Chloé Cinq-Mars, meant that I was able to help develop the characters and their stories over the 10 years it took her to write the screenplay. During that time I fell deeply in love with Marine, Océane and Catherine. What touches me about Chloé’s screenplay is the humanity found within each character, even the bad ones like Amélie and Félix. All of the characters have weaknesses and fears, hopes and dreams, and I feel a great compassion for each of them.The story is set long after the immediate shock of André’s death has passed. Now that a year has gone by, the family and friends of Marine, Océane and Catherine expect them to move on with their lives. Dérive explores this dangerous period where each woman struggles to find their way without their father and husband, and family and friends.
David Uloth
Chloé Cinq-Mars
Galilé Marion-Gauvin, David Uloth, Chloé Cinq-Mars
104 Minutes
Quebec, Canada
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1/27/20 5:45pm at Cité des Arts
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