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Deep in the mountains of Okinawa, a solitary man dedicates himself to vessel pottery. Reflecting the beauty of nature onto Yachimun (pottery), he devotes his life to pursue the core of pottery making. Dedicated to Seisho Kuniyoshi.

Japanese with English subtitles.

Director's Bio

Souichi Takayama was born in Naha, Okinawa in 1975. In his childhood, he had been inspired by Steven Spielberg's films that got him interested in film world. He built his career as a director at a film production company, making TV commercial and shows that were mainly series of Power Rangers and short horror. In 2016 he started working as freelance and produced “The man who changed Okinawa”.
Souichi Takayama
15 Minutes
1/29/20 12:00pm at Cité des Arts
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