A nurse, Sarah, loses her job at the hospital and in turn loses her health insurance. With the loss of her coverage she can no longer afford to pay for her deaf daughter to have a cochlear implant that will allow her to hear again. She uses her ballet and dance as she becomes a stripper at night to pay the bills. While stripping she is lured into the criminal world and soon must navigate her way through gangsters, prositutes, and a brothel in hopes it will lead her to the large amount money for her daughter's new life.

Screens as part of the NARRATIVE SHORTS SERIES 1 on Saturday, January 23, 2016, at 8:30 am at AcA.
Joey Spillane
Joey Spillane
Joey Spillane
24 Minutes
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1/23/16 8:30am at Acadiana Center for the Arts (AcA)
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