Juliet and Brandon meet at an office for an important interview, but they quickly start to question who between them is actually interviewing who.

Lead actress Samantha Spatari will attend the film screening along with writer-director Mark Datuin.

Director's Bio

Mark, a COTB alum, is an award-winning writer/director/producer. He is also the founder of MAD Resilience Films where he has written, directed and produced 28 short films and theatre productions. In 2014, his film Basted won Best International Film at the Milledgeville Film Festival. That was the first of a slew of accolades he collected for his subsequent films White Lock, Still Closed, and Mismatch and Lighter. He has received over 150 official selections on the festival circuit in France, Germany, Canada, India, the US and the UK. He has also been a featured panelist in Atlanta and Toronto, where he discussed the art of Writing a Short Film, and Diversity in the Film Industry.

In 2016 Mark made his French-language directorial debut with the dysfunctional family drama “Pardonnez-moi Mon Père” (Forgive Me Father)., which screened at COTB. Other productions include "Oksana and Viktor", about ex lovers who maintain an ill-fated long distance friendship, and “Limited", an examination of a tormented mother's attempt to reconcile her differences with her abusive son, both screening at COTB this year.
Mark Datuin
Mark Datuin
Samantha Spatari
6 Minutes
Toronto, Canada
1/25/20 1:15pm at Cité des Arts
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