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Made entirely of photographs, Kanockatonanok is an impressionist night journey through the Atikamekw village of Opitciwan.

Director's Bio

Nicolas Jimy Awashish was born in Opitciwan on July 7, 1996. As of 2018, he collaborated on four shorts and directed two. He has a passion for photography, music and crafts and loves to take picture of his community.

Nicolas Jimy Awashish est né le 7 juillet 1996 à Opitciwan. En date de 2018, il a collaboré à quatre courts métrages du Wapikoni et en a réalisé deux. Il se passionne pour la photographie, la musique et l’artisanat. Il adore se promener dans sa communauté pour prendre des photos.
Nicolas Jimy Awashish
Nicolas Jimy Awashish
Manon Barbeau
6 Minutes
Quebec, Canada
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1/23/20 11:00am at Vermilionville
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