Occupied Paris 1943. A group of misfits, comrades in the underground bohemian lifestyle, come together to defy the oppression of the new world order. As a group, they take one final stand to prove the resilience of the human spirit.

Director's Bio

Massimo studied History of Art in Italy. He moved to London, where he attended the London College of Printing, specializing in still life photography.
He has always worked in photography, almost exclusively in fine art and antiques. While running a professional photographic studio in Italy, he also attended the London Film School where he graduated with a master’s degree in January 2019. Working essentially as a cinematographer, La Petite Folie is his first movie as director. A passionate collector and antiquarian, he lives between London and Italy.
Massimo Zannoni
Massimo Zannoni
Kevin Barnett, Massimo Zannoni
13 Minutes
United Kingdom
Watch the Trailer
1/27/20 12:30pm at Cité des Arts
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