A taming game between a father and his daughter, after two years of absence. Rick feels hunted, Lilo feels vulnerable. Yet blood ties are stronger than anything. An afternoon spent together, playing, eating and a night spent under the stars: everything seems perfect. Lilo wakes up the next morning, uncertain whether she is living a dream or if it's the reality.

French with English subtitles.

Director's Bio

Juliette Poitras is a young Montreal screenwriter and director who graduated from Concordia University (Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema) in 2019 and is the recipient of the 2019 Mel Hoppenheim Award for Outstanding Overall Achievement in Film Production. With great sensitivity, Juliette is particularly interested in the theme of childhood, this pivotal period that builds the human, and of family relationships.
juliette poitras
juliette poitras
juliette poitras
9 Minutes
Montreal, Canada
Watch the Trailer
1/24/20 6:00pm at Vermilionville
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