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Faces de jam is an original and poetic point of view on a jam of Quebec's traditional music. To the outsider, the jam’s circle may seem closed. Inside, it's really creating interactions between people, memory, learning and interpretation. Like an experimental painting with colors and sounds, this film quietly put together a sum of music players, instruments and pieces.

Director's Bio

Stéphanie Lessard-Bérubé explores cultures by change and tradition's themes. She studies in cinema, animation and cultural studies, anthropology and youth's intervention.

After her first steps in documentary with an interest in the social impact of music in Burkina Faso (Echographie in 2009 and La Fabrique in 2012), she consolidates her intercultural approach with Adansé (2013). Passionate by cinema and education, she works with youth for creating movies with them, in solidarity's action (Traces humanitaires (Bénin, 2013) + Deux valises pour Ayiti (Haïti, 2015) and in Montreal (Sillages alimentaires, 2019). A marvelous passage as a videographer at Communautique (2012-14) put her into social innovation, citizen co-design, commons and remix. Balcons Vivants et Chasser MonTréaL (2016), L'arbre qui voulait naviguer (2017) and now Faces de jam (2019) show her recent influences, between her video's work and music's participation as fiddler in Quebec traditional's music jam.
Stéphanie Lessard-Bérubé
Stéphanie Lessard-Bérubé
Stéphanie Lessard-Bérubé
7 Minutes
Montreal, Canada
1/28/20 4:00pm at Cité des Arts
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