A mother-daughter art story, Composite explores the role of the forensic artist at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation by tracing the unlikely beginnings of the original GBI sketch artist and following it through to the legacy continued by her daughter.

Director's Bio

Patrick W. Shaver is an award winning filmmaker who began his own journey with a master's degree in conflict management before he went to work for the Atlanta Police Department solving problems and making things just a little bit better. Shortly into his career as an officer, a friend experienced the unthinkable and Patrick sought to help him tell his story through film. In the process of capturing that story, he found himself at the center of a profession that wanted to share their experiences with the world. 'Composite' is an evolution of that work and one of the many roads he has gone down chasing ways to portray American public servants in a human and relatable way. Now a full-time filmmaker, he has worked on projects ranging from that that spotlight law enforcement to major industrial projects and the contributions of African American soldiers during World War 2.
Patrick W. Shaver
30 Minutes
Watch the Trailer
1/25/20 11:15am at Cité des Arts
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