After a string of injuries, one time world champion saddle bronc rider Bo Wills cannot provide for his family anymore. With his back to the wall and a baby on the way he begins rustling cattle.

Director's Bio

Cole Brewer, a COTB alum, is from the small town of Duvall, Washington. He comes from a long line of cowboys ranching in Kanab, Utah. Cole hopes to tell stories of hardship, crime, and redemption in rural life. This is his third festival film. The first being Jericho Jones (2017) and the second being The Unknown Outlaw (2018).

Director's Statement

All Around Cowboy began as a highly personal project for me that transformed into a life changing experience. Though I live a very different life in film, I come from a long line of cowboys. My father was a pro bronc rider when he was younger and I grew up on the stories and music about the hard life of a rodeo cowboy. I had been wanting to make a rodeo film for a long time but this was the first time I felt I could get the right team and do it the right way.

While writing the script I knew I had to keep the highest standard of authenticity so I took to the road. I traveled around the U.S. on the rodeo circuit going to as many rodeos as I could and watching and talking with cowboys behind the chutes. I met some of the most hard working and honest people I have ever encountered and the cowboys I met only solidified my suspicions that this was a story truly worth telling.

We shot for 8 days in New Mexico with an incredible cast and crew.

With this film, I hope to not only show the immense amount of work put in, but also to properly honor the rodeo lifestyle. The cowboy has been a staple of Americana as well as American cinema but that is much forgotten today. The American cowboy still exists but now the life is shrouded in poverty, injury, and loneliness. There are still Cowboys and Cowgirls chasing a dream the rest of the world has long forgotten, this is their story.
Cole Brewer
Cole Brewer
Logan Nowicki
17 Minutes
Watch the Trailer
1/26/20 10:30am at Acadiana Center for the Arts (AcA)
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