At dawn, in a mismatched architectural megalopolis, we enter into the intimacy of three people: A tormented YOUNG WOMAN, a STREET MAN and an OLD LADY. We go through with them what we experience on a daily basis: Waking. Within this moment of solitude and small daily gestures, we discover the simple pleasures of awakening the senses that pushes them out of bed.

Director's Bio

Naturally curious and surrounded by passionate creativity since her childhood, Anaë Bilodeau quickly felt the need to create. From an early age Louis-Pierre Cossette has been drawing everywhere, anywhere and all the time.

In 2004, they crossed paths. Thus, began a collaboration on various projects, moving them towards animation. After experimenting and perfecting their craft, they created the short films Nuit Blanche (2014) and La Dernière Minute (2015). They have also illustrated the memories of director Philippe Belley in the animated Web series, The Factory, My Naughty Memory of 9 years (2017) and the words of several speakers in 50/50: The Documentary (2018) by Tanya Lapointe and Laurence Trépanier.
Anaë Bilodeau, Louis-Pierre Cossette
Anaë Bilodeau, Louis-Pierre Cossette
Anaë Bilodeau, Louis-Pierre Cossette
5 Minutes
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1/26/20 9:30am at Cité des Arts
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