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Sammy Gadbois uses snippets of life in Kuujjuaq to reflect about his own purpose on earth and muses that it could be creating.

Director's Bio

Sammy Gadbois is Inuk. He was born in Kuujjuaq on December 29th 1999. Sammy discovered a passion for photography and filmmaking a few years ago, when he acquired his first camera. Sammy first collaborated with Wapikoni in 2016. His film Kuujjuaq was even presented at the Asinabka Arts Festival in 2017 and at the Rendez-vous de Québec cinéma in 2018. Since then, his passion and talent continued to grow immensely through various personal and professional video projects.
Sammy Gadbois
Sammy Gadbois
Manon Barbeau
3 Minutes
Quebec, Canada
1/24/20 3:15pm at Cité des Arts
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