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While referencing Joseph Beuys 1965 performance, mother and daughter embrace the intricacies of explaining art.
Mother and daughter embrace the difficult intricacies of explaining art to each other through an intimate action. This is intercut with a straightforward description of Joseph Beuys’ well-known 1965 performance, How to explain pictures to a dead hare. Absurdity and terderness merge to reveal understanding as a sensory activity.

Director's Bio

Rachel Echenberg (Montreal, Quebec) is a visual artist who primarily works in performance, video and sculpture. Echenberg’s continual interest in possibilities for active empathy has lead to artworks that highlight vulnerable, intimate and uncontrollable relationships. Since 1992, Rachel Echenberg’s work has been exhibited, performed and screened across Canada as well as internationally in Belgium, Chile, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Morocco, Northern Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland and the United States. Many of her videos are available through Vidéographe Distribution in Montreal. Echenberg holds a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, Canada (1993) and an MA in Visual Performance from Dartington College of Arts in the UK (2004). Rachel Echenberg currently teaches in the Fine Arts Department of Dawson College in Montreal, Quebec.
Rachel Echenberg
6 Minutes
Montreal, Canada
1/24/20 1:00pm at Cité des Arts
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