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Bea and Zoe, two teenage girls, are lost in the forest when Zoe decides to go for help. She leaves Bea alone, hurt, in this wood that does not inspire confidence. The girl will face a sneaky threat.

Through the quest for power, Doe & She-Wolf tackles a taboo that is hard to imagine. And yet it exists.

Director Biography

Sandrine Béchade, an award-winning COTB alum, graduated in Montreal from Concordia University in Film Production and the National Institute of Image and Sound (INIS). Filmmaker and author, She signed documentary productions before making in 2018 her first short narrative Angel & Alien - BEST SHORT AWARD of Female Eye Film Festival (Toronto), GRAND PRIZE of Festival du film court de Dinan (France), JURY AWARD and BEST DIRECTOR AWARD of Festival Libres Émois (France), Special Jury Narrative Short Award of Cinema On The Bayou Film Festival (USA). Doe & She-Wolf its her second short film.
Sandrine Béchade
Sandrine Béchade
Serge Desrosiers
11 Minutes
Montreal, Canada
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