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Freddie, a telegram delivery messenger, has no problem telling it like it is, unless it's about himself. When his self-embellishments get him in over his head with his dream girl, he's got to come clean and present himself 'as is'.

Key Cast: Darren Mangler, a COTB alum, Nicole Starrett, Joseph Callari, Liz Fenning, Patrick McCarthy.

Director Biography

Brock Spady is an award winning writer/filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA. Brock started writing for National Lampoon in 2007, and he has since been hired to develop and write several feature scripts, as well as doing a short stint in TV working as a showrunner's and writers' assistant. He is currently writing a new spec feature, and putting the finishing touches on a comedy TV pilot. "As Is" is Brock's directorial debut.
Brock Spady
Brock Spady
KayDee Kersten, Brock Spady
19 Minutes
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