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Alex, a six-year-old boy from Quebec, is oblivious to the thousands of refugees entering Canada illegally to avoid deportation. Yet when his father takes him along to a vigilante patrol in the woods to hunt out trespassing migrants, something inside him tells him to rebel.

French with English subtitles.

Cast: Édouard-B. Larocque, Émile Schneider, Sasha Migliarese, Jean-Nicolas Verreault

Director Biography

Pier-Philippe Chevigny is a young filmmaker from Montreal, Quebec. His films share a common signature, combining sociopolitical subject matter with suspenseful writing and intense, often frantic camerawork. For the past few years, his short film have garnered international attention, with Tala (2013) scoring a deal with European broadcaster ARTE and Vétérane (2017) selected in numerous world-class festival including Winterthur and Mecal Pro. With his latest short Rebel (2019) competing at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival, Pier-Philippe is currently finishing the script for his first feature length movie.
Pier-Philippe Chevigny
Pier-Philippe Chevigny
Geneviève Gosselin-G.
15 Minutes
Quebec, Canada
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