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Élie, an ambitious young teenager, finds himself torn between Enzo, a singular sixty-something whom he works for, and his own mother who suspects the man to be linked to organized crime. It’s only when a snowstorm hits the city that he’ll finally make up his mind.

French with English subtitles.

Cast: Basel El Reyes, Dino Tavarone, Karina Aktouf, Félix Grenier

Director Biography

Romain Dumont integrated the film industry several years ago as a fiction screenwriter. Known for column writing in film magazines such as Séquences and 24Images, the scope of his work is now mostly defined by documentary works and short films. In 2019, Dumont wrote web series La loi c'est la loi in collaboration with Emile Schneider and Hugolin Chevrette. His passionate personality is quite unstoppable, as he then dove right into directing a short film entitled When it falls featuring one of his boyhood heroes Dino Tavarones and les Moldus, starring Caroline Dhavernas, Guillaume Laurin, Hamza Meziani and Steve Laplante. He is currently working on two feature film projects, driven by a real passion and undeniable ambition.
Romain Dumont, Antoine Ryan
Romain Dumont
Samuel Caron
18 Minutes
Quebec, Canada
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