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The 10,000 year old religion of Voodoo has been twisted and manipulated by mainstream American media to portray a dramatized version of black magic and ill wishes. Les Mystères gives an in-depth look at three initiated voodoo practitioners in Louisiana who pull from the lessons of love and spiritual healing that Voodoo teaches to better themselves and the lives of people around them. The film follows priestess Mambo Brandi, Cajun-born Jesse Brunet, and Houngan Toby as they debunk the misconceptions surrounding Voodoo and indoctrinate new members into their family.

Director Biographies

The filmmakers are all students at Chapman University in Orange, California.
Elly Aronson, Haylie Bantle, Sandhya Bhaskar, CassidyJo Fortin, Nikki Purewal
CassidyJo Fortin, Nikki Purewal
13 Minutes
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