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Synopsis 1 (standard): A sentient patch of projected light guides the viewer through a dark cosmic room and its three doors of life. Inspired by a poem of haunting revelation from the great Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer.
Synopsis 2 (poetic):
Door number one.
Door number two...
Door number three!
A sentient light
performs an elegy.

Director Biography

Trevor is a filmmaker, professor, and director of film studies at the University of Florida where he teaches film theory, history and production. He received his Masters in film studies and interdisciplinary Ph.D at Concordia University in Montreal. His previous short film, "Northstarling" (2019), an experimental documentary on indigenous life in Winnipeg, is currently screening at festivals and recently received the Best Short Film Jury Prize at the Gimli Film Festival. Trevor's first feature film, "World to Come" (2015), is an experimental drama exploring the underlying resonance between institutional abuse and spiritual disenchantment within a small religious community in its time of crisis. Both of these films were made on Super 16mm film. As a scholar, Trevor has published widely on film theory and aesthetics. His forthcoming book is a philosophical study of film entitled "Metaphysics and the Moving Image."
Trevor Mowchun
Trevor Mowchun
Trevor Mowchun
11 Minutes
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