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This film is not a recipe of animation techniques of making a hand-painted animated film under the camera. Rather, by working with the animation technique in a long journey of solitude, it is an original and intimate way of revealing the "thing-hood" (Heidegger: Dinglichkeit) of the artistic and cinematic medium, "the thing in itself" (Kant: Ding an sich), and uniting with the world. Animation as an art form, even though heavily dependent on modern technology, technical apparatus and progression, should embrace the original and the widest sense of "technë" as a mode of revealing and bringing forth whatever does not appear in front of us. With a sense of animism, this revealing is poetic, mysterious and self-referential.

This film is part of the Vidéographe 50th Anniversary Program: The Vidéographes--Behind the Frames.


Alisi Telengut is a Canadian artist of Mongolian origin. Alisi creates animation frame by frame under the camera, with painting as the medium, to generate movement and explore hand-made and painterly visuals for her films. Her works received multiple international awards and nominations, including the Best Short Film Award at Stockholm Film Festival (Sweden), Best Animated Film at Mammoth Lakes Film Festival (USA), and at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival (Canada). They have been exhibited internationally at galleries and festivals, such as at Sundance (USA), Slamdance (USA), the Canadian Embassy in Paris (France), Telefilm Canada’s Talent tout court program at Cannes Film Festival (France). They have not only been presented as animation and moving image artworks with the unique visual style, but have also contributed to ethnographic and ethnocultural research. Her recent work has been added to the permanent collection of Art Science Exhibits Berlin (Germany) that represents the leading-edge of art making with dedication to positive action for Earth's recovery.
Alisi Telengut
7 Minutes
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