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Robert Forget, the founder of Vidéographe, presents the editing room and the videotheatre. This film footage presents a pertinent document on the origins and the running of Vidéographe.

French with English subtitles.

This film is part of the Vidéographe 50th Anniversary Program: The Vidéographes--Behind The Frames.

Statement of Program

Over the past 50 years, video has seen a phenomenal evolution. New technological discoveries have meant that the medium's once far-from-perfect image and sound are a thing of the past. We have now moved from an electronic to a digital era. This evolution has brought with it the opportunity for converging artistic approaches and high-quality production in a medium that is economic, light, portable, immediate and accessible.

The world of animation has also undergone a cultural and artistic revolution, while our predecessors' practices have not been forgotten. In this program, the public is invited to learn about the intentions of artisans who belong to a tradition that speaks of the soul of an image and our duty to remember.

Brief History of Vidéographe

Established in 1971 in Montréal at the instigation of Robert Forget, Vidéographe is an artist-run centre dedicated to the research and the dissemination of moving image practices. This includes experimentation in video art, animation, digital arts, documentary, essay, fiction and dance video. Vidéographe is dedicated to the development of forms that stem from experimental video and encompass the many modes of production and dissemination available in today’s expanded field of moving image.

Today, Vidéographe conserves and distributes a collection of more than 2,250 videos made by more than 800 artists and engaged citizens. Thanks to Vidéographe, these works are showcased nationally and internationally through programming and distribution at festivals, galleries, museums, colleges and universities, as well as via the Internet.

10 Minutes
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