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Roman Candle is a dramatic feature film following the evolving relationship of a young couple living in New York City. After being introduced by a college friend, the two unnamed characters form an immediate connection. As their relationship progresses, the honeymoon fades and the two are forced to grapple with their own changing identities and career ambitions. Roman Candle is a film confronting the realities of what it means to be in love during the turbulence of young adulthood.

Director's Statement:

"Roman Candle" is a personal, relatable story about tumultuous and passionate young love in the midst of discovering identity. I started this project after feeling the frustration of not making anything after graduating film school. So with just the passion for filmmaking, my friends and I ventured to tell a story that hopefully many young people who have gone through long-term relationships have experienced or can relate toward, a story focused on the small moments in a relationship that add over time. My friends and I started this project not to make money or achieve fame, but because we were passionate about making movies and wanted to find an avenue to continue doing that. It's an original story focused on emotion, honest craft, and love. I hope you'll consider "Roman Candle"!
Joe Blank
Joe Blank
Derrick Owens, Collin Hotchkiss
73 Minutes
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