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It has been seven years since Frederic has taken his beautiful wife and son away from Paris for a summer vacation.

This year, he is determined to offer them an unforgettable holiday at all cost. But, as usual, his scoundrel boss takes advantage of his kindness to not properly pay him.

Without the cash to pay for a hotel, Frederic makes a deal with his friend, Jean-Luc, the director of a luxury resort in the South of France.

The secret agreement between the two is simple: one day of work for one day at the resort. Frederic will have to handle the most outrageous and despicable tasks in order to keep the resort running smoothly, and all this, far from his wife and son who are unaware of the deal.

What follows is both hysterical and horrifying as Jean-Luc attempts to seduce Fredric’s wife and Fredric finds himself in the most hilariously, preposterous positions.

Will someone come to his rescue to save their vacation…and their marriage?

French with English subtitles.

Director's Statement:

After living abroad for more than ten years to complete my education and build my career, I returned to France in January 2020 to stay with my family for a while. Being with them for a first time after a long period brought back lots of memories, as we spent long evening hours reminiscing about the past. With a smile and slight childhood nostalgia, I remembered that summer when my parents chose not to pay the rent so we could go on vacation. This deep attachment I have to the South of France, where I would spend blissful childhood summers, inspired me to tell the story of Frederic and how far he will go to provide the same type of childhood to his son.

Stevan Lee Mraovitch
Stevan Lee Mraovitch
Stevan Lee Mraovitch
105 Minutes
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