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A Chinese Uber driver in New York struggles to make ends meet as he picks up passengers on a long and dreary night.

English and Mandarin Chinese with English subtitles.

Director's Statement:

COTB alum Tiger Ji: This short is partially based on a real-life I had with an Uber driver in early March 2020. I had taken an Uber in New York, while the outbreak still hasn’t stopped the workforce from working. My driver, a Chinese man like myself, told me about his struggles in America. He longed to return to China, and was subjected to an onslaught of prejudice; ironically, he’s from the city of Wuhan. And though he missed home, he couldn’t go home due to the conditions he lived in. It broke my heart, as his story not only resonated with my life, but many people during these past months. I knew there was enough meat there to make a patient and honest film.

Needless to say, this film is more relevant than ever before in lieu of the racism against Asian people today, especially in New York City. I believe it’s only through making something unflinching — without any sugarcoating — can an artist create a true antidote to a more compassionate society. I hope you enjoy my attempt at telling an honest story.
Tiger Ji
Tiger Ji
Alena Svyatova, Jonathan Sanger
14 Minutes
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