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A screenwriting professor who always has a hard time believing in his students’ screenplays ends up trapped in a story that everyone else finds impossible to believe.

Director's Statement:

Who is the right judge of art? Is it even right to judge art?

The Implausible is a short film noir that explores what it means to be a filmmaker, and questions the criteria by which we judge "good films." The film’s visual and conceptual treatment is inspired by American film noir, with the purpose of reinterpreting and giving new shape and meaning to the mainstream conventions of the genre.

Traditionally, storytelling has been theorized, methodized and enclosed into formulae with the purpose of making it clear and plausible to the audience. Unlike fictional stories in which everything makes sense and all the actions converge into a single path that leads us to the end, real life itself is full of imperfections, loose ends and unmotivated decisions. The Implausible plays with false clues and paths that lead the audience nowhere with the purpose of showing how irrational it is to judge an artist or storyteller based solely on those pre-established principles, ignoring art's ambiguous and subjective nature.

The Implausible depicts an artist who - led by intolerance and ego - devalues artists' work. Humans, especially trained filmmakers and instructors should avoid any attempt to put art and artists into a box. Art comes from a subjective process that cannot be measured, explained, formulated, quantified, much less judged.
Cynthia Cazanas-Garin
Cynthia Cazanas-Garin
Wen Ou, Yichien Lee
23 Minutes
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