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Bonus, a clumsy and reckless father, has custody of his young son for the day. Abated by his recent breakup, he notices that the child is developing a beautiful relationship with his ex-girlfriend's new lover. Afraid that he is being replaced, he decides to dazzle him with a father-son moment tinged with magic.

French with English subtitles.

Director's Biography:

It is mainly through short films that the artist from Champlain has distinguished himself. Many of his works have toured festivals. His most recent film, Following the Trail of the Fox (2014), was nominated for Best Dramatic Short Film at the Canadiens Screen Awards as well as at the Jutra. In addition, the desire to tell stories does not only translate into cinema for Simon Laganière. He therefore multiplies the projects of achievements while having released four albums with his group Les frères Goyette. The song is for him another way of creating images and illustrating a story.
Simon Laganiere
Simon Laganiere
Fanny Drew, Sarah Mannering
14 Minutes
Quebec, Canada
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