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A film about the existence of an invisible artwork. In fact this is false, it is visible. But you have never seen it, because it has been in the Sahara Desert since June 2017. At least that is what we believe, because nobody knows what has happened to it since its installation. The Desert (the film) tells of the twisted circumstances in which this object ended up in the desert (the arid and little-known space).

How does an abandoned work of art feel in the middle of the desert? Only she can reveal it to you, that is why she is the protagonist of the film. Besides, why does she speak with a German accent?

In this relentless flow of sandy adventures, humans are not given the mic. They are not the only ones with expertise. Have you ever been mansplained to by a mineral? With lucidity and dryness, all that which we did not know about objects, extraterrestrials, dunes, the fate reserved to artworks, existence and the edges of reality is now revealed. Have you ever tried to film a mirage? As Lao-Tseu said, it is not because it is a documentary that it must be a documentary.

Directors' Biography:

On est tu heureux hen. was founded in 2008 on a cold February day by Frédérique Laliberté and Sarah L’Hérault. Its astrological sign is Aquarius. On est tu heureux hen. is the victim of a fatal attraction for large enterprises - risky, dangerous and even impossible, would have said some witnesses. This tendency for adventurous art leads the collective into complex projects which give rise to strange solutions and paradoxical detours. The result is an irreverent but insightful practice, that could not be identified, explained or documented without recourse to arbsurd strategies. Exploring the relations between reality and trickery, between factual events and their fictions, On est tu heureux hen. likes to simulate and extrapolate what is, and what could have been.
On est tu heureux hen. (Frédérique Laliberté & Sarah L’Hérault)
On est tu heureux hen. (Frédérique Laliberté & Sarah L’Hérault)
On est tu heureux hen. (Frédérique Laliberté & Sarah L’Hérault)
22 Minutes
Quebec, Canada
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