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A look within Laurie's journey, throughout a night out with friends, to embrace her identity.

Director's Statement:

A few years ago, my roommate Laura fell in love with her colleague Alex, despite his homosexuality. They had a fusional relationship, something different. I was touched by the way she would speak about it. Her admiration for him was limitless. The power of what existed between them made me question myself about the fine lines of admiration and love, the ambiguous limits of friendship and romance. They had this special kind of intimacy: no words would be spoken, and everything was understood between them.

I was moved.

I was moved that Laura cherished the freedom that this relationship gave her.

Moved by the absence of words between Laura and Alex.

Moved by how a simple smile, a candid eye-contact were much more communicative for them, creating their own type of language.

Moved by the simple beauty of it all. Silences speaking truth.

Witnessing this inspired my own quest of personal emancipation.

Looking upon my own relationships, I recognize how I thrive deeply being around people that express themselves in their true authentic way, despite social codes and conventions. I acknowledge the inner strength that my entourage gives me, how they truly nurture the desire for me to be myself, around them and with the world.

Olivier Arteau, one of the main actors of the movie and childhood friend of mine, once told me: “When I am with you, I feel free to be myself”. This connection of authenticity is something that I cherish everyday. I feel extremely lucky to be surrounded by people who cultivate such genuineness.

"Parvis" wishes to celebrate, through sound and image, relationships that elevate people to become the full expression of themselves.

“Parvis” is a long-lasting commemoration of sharing, caring and loving.

"Parvis" honors the importance and strength of encounters with others, but mainly with oneself.
Laurence Gagné-Frégeau
Laurence Gagné-Frégeau
Laurence Gagné-Frégeau
12 Minutes
Quebec, Canada
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